Friday, April 22, 2011

Songs About Killing The Bitch - Part I

I'm going to be dropping a few of these on you over the course of the day, because it's a topic I think is worth addressing:

Whatever happened to songs about killing the bitch?

Or, rather, whatever happened to songs about wanting to kill the bitch? You know, nothing with the kind of seriousness you hear in Hendrix's "Hey, Joe", or the countless male/female threats and beatdowns you can find in Rap ("Wear the wrong color outfit/can get your mouth split") but just a general kind of, almost lighthearted, if-you-fuck-up of a warning song? Did they disappear with the rise of feminism and the metrosexual? I know women have made them, because I did a post on them (I'll find it for you and put a link in a later edition of this series) but what's happened to the men? Or am I missing them?

Of course, I'm not part of the whole Grrrl Power thing, because - let's face it - I can kick the ass of 99% of the girls out there, so the very idea was a joke, everyone pretending women were strong, protected by laws and a culture designed to hem men in to allow women to act like fools at everyone's expense (Oh shit, Rush is discussing the founder of Earth Day killing a woman - figures). There were, and always have been, tough women (Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, etc.) so all feminist culture did was allow the female versions of male jerks free reign. But did the Grrrl Power thing also destroy the Kill The Bitch song? If you've got a comment, or a suggestion, let me know:

I'll keep the rest of you posted.

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