Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Starting To Get Turned Off To Facebook

This isn't exactly my experience on Facebook - my experience is of "friends" wearing blinders to such a point they want to immediately "de-friend" if you disagree with them on anything. Today, it was a black gay guy who decided that - because he's reading a new book on Malcolm X (the one that claims Malcolm X was gay) - Donald Trump is a "Klansman" for demanding to see Obama's birth certificate.


Now his other friends are writing in, telling him to choose his friends more carefully - I'm a whackjob! There was also the former Punk, who is now a NewAger, and has decided our 20 year friendship is worth abandoning since I informed her there's no such thing as a "chakra". She not only de-friended me but closed off her personal email. Yeah, there's a reason I got away from these people.

What do you think? Is Facebook "all that" for you? Had any weird experiences? Is it worth it?

Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld


  1. I defriend everyone who posts any commie crap. Instantly. Do not need to read about how much they worship Obama. I already know that. Just shut up about it already - not everyone thinks the destruction of this country is AWESOME! Pictures of children, pets, things you have made, all good. Any left wing new age crap - outta here.

  2. Never defriended anyone because of their politics (I'm a typical righty in that regard). As far as I know I've never been defriended for politics. I have hidden the comments of a few people who couldn't avoid fillibustering in their comments section. In general I prefer to keep politics off of facebook

  3. What proof do you have that Chakras don't exist? Have you done extensive research on human kinetics? Physics? Quantum physics? Do you have some special insight on the inner workings of the human body/mind that you can share? Have you researched for yourself the Hindu or Buddhist religion?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a skeptic, but before I criticize or make up my mind about something, I try and do a thorough research. Maybe you should try to keep an open mind with that steady dose of skepticism. Just because you don't understand it, or don't want to, doesn't mean it can't be true...only that it's not true for you.

  4. PJ,

    What a stupid question. We've been successfully opening and closing the body for a long time now (unlike the Indians and Chinese) and, nope, no chakras in there. No need for "extensive research on human kinetics,...Physics,...Quantum physics" or "special insight on the inner workings of the human body/mind" or research into the Hindu or Buddhist religion.

    Just good ol' common sense.

    It appears to be greatly undervalued these days in favor of convoluted investigations (such as you're suggesting) or pure malarky. I have little interest, if any, in either.

  5. Oh, and one more thing:

    To suggest I don't have an open mind (or don't understand something) because I don't swallow bullshit is to add insult to the injury of encountering your ignorance.

    You are not a skeptic - as your suggestion I investigate the indefensible proves - but a fool.

    If you want to spend your life looking for imaginary entities then, please, be my guest, but don't do it trying to sound high-minded around me because, whether you know it or not, in truth you merely sound high.