Thursday, April 21, 2011

TIP: How To Behave During An Islamic Massacre

"People tend to act according to their beliefs,..." Yeah, if we could only do something about that, like stop indulging ourselves with stupid beliefs - you know, like saying, "Wow, that's a stupid belief and not actual knowledge, so I don't have to pay any attention to it!" Things might improve greatly.

But no, that's too straight forward, too intelligent, and too darned easy for anyone to go for. Better to keep going with killing in the name of God, murdering while performing exorcisms against the Devil, having your child die because your church doesn't allow you to use medicines, or allowing your mother to croak because your water-based healing cure is better than the entire history of Western medicine and the evils of BIG PHARMA. Yes indeed, let's carry on with that stuff instead:

That way, by mentally blocking out their actions, believers of all stripes can continue to feel superior to everybody else.

It's been a winning formula so far.

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