Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes: The Liberals Are Showing A Little Moxy - At Tea Party Events (And Very, Very Desperate)

Immediately after Allen West took the stage at his Town Hall meeting on Tuesday Evening in Fort Lauderdale, several hecklers began to jeer and interrupt his remarks, forcing West to pause several times. Police were ultimately forced to removed one of the hecklers. When the hecklers refused to stop their harassment, West stated, “You’re not going to intimidate me.”

Nicole Sandler, formerly of Air America, was sitting behind Congressman Allen West’s wife. Sandler had been acting in a disruptive and combative manner by yelling at the Congressman and even harrassing his wife, before being asked to leave and escorted out of the event by Fort Lauderdale Police. As she was being removed from the proceedings, Sandler continued her tirade and used an expletive to address a police officer, which resulted in the officer arresting the woman for trespassing.

Air America? The radio show? These people are becoming unhinged. What's next? Janeane Garofalo attacks Michelle Bachmann with a crowbar? Whatever. Brace yourselves, folks. They smell the coffee now:

Here comes T-R-O-U-B-L-E,...

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