Sunday, April 24, 2011

TMR? Indecent? Whatever: I'm Owning It Now!

There was a line, before, that I would not cross, but no more:

There have always been those who demand restrictions be put on art and there will always be in the future - fuck 'em.

Art is the one area of life where this conservative has accepted everything, and now, with this barrier put between me and the outside world, I've decided - rather than being a fence that will hem me in - it will become a mountain range of protection that will not only keep the losers out, but that I can fire at them from, at will. What are they going to do now? Complain they didn't know?

So, welcome to the "new" TMR, where I can post what I want - without concern for a politically correct moral and ethical system I don't agree with anyway. Expect a wider variety of content from here on out - and a wider variety of topics - but, if you're here, know you've already been warned:

Either grow up or get out because I ain't listening.

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