Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's All Your Fault (You Don't Love Her Enough)

One of TMR's tags that gets the best workout is for "delusional thinking". I have to whip it out so often it's mind-boggling. You know, like when Gwyneth Paltrow says of those who don't like her:

"I think there's a part of me that because I think I do a lot, I think my work ethic is the reason why I'm successful. I think that a lot of people don't want to put in effort and it's easier not to change, not do something good for you, not work on your relationship, not make yourself a meal, not work out.

"[They're just] pissed off at someone else doing that.

I'll just do what I'm doing because, especially now, we live in a world now where everybody is able to express their opinion."
Umm, yeah. Before I get to those opinions she's so adamant about expressing, I just want to post two by her critics because I think they're so cool. First up is this one:
If not for your parents, you would probably be waiting tables at IHOP!
Paltrow's parents are Blythe Danner (above) a famous television actress, and film and television director Bruce Paltrow. My take? The critic is probably right. Next comes this comment:
Wow, I think she thinks a little too much of herself. She seems to believe she is doing something special; cooking healthy meals for her family, exercizing, working, and being a mom. What is she reinventing the wheel? Sounds like most moms. Cooking at least two meals a day? Sounds mundane to me! Maybe her conceit is why she is so disliked by some.
Or - try this one on for size - her unwillingness to even consider her conceitedness might have something to do with it! Fuck the haters! Fuck the haters!

Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with her regularly turning up on the lists of people who spread misinformation. (There's those nasty opinions again. Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow would be as conceited if she knew half of how stupid she is?) Or that scientists have called Goop - and her opinions - "loopy". Or her participation in the Kabbalah cult. Or the twisted public image she's created with her girlfriend, Madonna. No, no - it's all just insecurity on other's part:

There's absolutely, positively, no delusional thinking going on around here,...

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  1. Did you know that she regularly has the crap sucked out of her colon?

    You think she wouldm't still be full of crap.

    I guess some people have an inexhaustable supply.