Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And Tchotskies - Lourdes Also Needs Lots Of Tchotskies - Like I Bought A Picture Of Jesus With Eyes That Follow You Around The Room

The lady behind the counter got pissed because I was laughing so hard. I wasn't even an anti-cult crusader then. Oh well, one thing leads to another:
The reason charlatans get away with it is because the insistence of many of the world's major religions on the reality of divine intervention gives them boundaries to blur and hope to exploit. And to claim that no one profits from the miraculous in "proper religion" is patently wrong. The whole economy of the town of Lourdes would collapse with out it.
The poor buggers. Somebody ought to tell them to get a real job,...all of them, actually. Below is the killer queen from that visit to Lourdes, oh so long ago. Karine Anne Brunck just had to go to Lourdes, don't you know, because her ass was so fucking pious and pure:

Insanity rules. She killed three people but I'm the bad guy.

Religion and spirituality suck.

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