Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Was A NewAge Headcase

Jesus Christ, is there anyone walking this planet who doesn't have a psychic running their life?
Her life was filled with more drama than a Hollywood movie and now, a month after her death,  there has been yet another plot twist.

Elizabeth Taylor was forced to give up a secret love child, it has been claimed today.

The late Hollywood legend gave birth to a baby girl called Norah, according to psychic and self-proclaimed Taylor confidant John Cohan.

Cohan claims that Taylor had been a client of his since the 1960s and told him he could not reveal the secret until after her death.
Did Elizabeth Taylor have a secret love child?

No wonder Taylor's life was such a mess. And why Michael Jackson and she got along - or why Michael lived and died as he did - seeing how he was always surrounded the likes of frauds and quacks like Uri Gellar and Deepak Chopra.

It seems to me this so-called "love child" probably caught a break, not being around. Except for all the money, of course. Liz was a bitch for depriving her child of that.

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