Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Let Her Go Fuck Herself For Promoting Him

When is this nation going to decide that if a person repeatedly reveals themselves to be a hypocrite, wrong in their political judgement, or just a plain ol' liar, they aren't worth listening to any longer?
Negative reactions to the president’s deceitful and hyper-partisan deficit speech continue to filter in from the left. The latest attack comes from the doyenne of the Huffington Post herself, Arianna Huffington, ...
Arianna Huffington Develops Case of Obama Disillusionment Syndrome

That anyone would look to a member of the sinister Rajneesh cult for political guidance, or to use as a talking head on American television, should tell you how off-kilter our political culture is, and how worthless our media has become. Arianna Huffington has repeatedly switched positions, without ever taking responsibility for being wrong about anything, and done so without any scrutiny what-so-ever. Just as no one has probed her many ties to cults and cultish endeavors of every stripe.

Everything about her, and the value-free world of political celebrity she inhabits, is disgusting.

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