Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Don't Make Predictions (I Bust Those Who Do)

Well, the results are in, and "Sarah Palin once again leads the Primary race among Hot Air readers." That, my friends, is called "flying under the radar."

So the number one conservative site for news analysis keeps picking Sarah, as well as the number one conservative site for reality busting, but the rest of you are still convinced she doesn't stand a chance, because the mainstream media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) not to mention RINOS hate her guts. O.K., fine - y'all roll with that:

I say the bitch'll be sitting in the White House before you can say "Tea Party".


If you want Sarah Palin in the White House, you might consider donating to TMR so I can have more of an influence in places Hot Air don't reach.

You know, like where someone might casually refer to her as a bitch or something,...

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  1. We agree on so much it's scary. We must be brothers in the skull or some shit.

    Just sent you a C note, don't spend it all on pixie dust or unicorns. :)