Monday, April 18, 2011

An Update On The Results Of A Blogger Firewall

I'm about to get busy here again, but I wanted to give you the latest:

This is so bizarre it's got me scratching my head - and smiling a little.

First, while the number of visitors is still waaaay down from before they slapped this thing on me, the number of readers - people actually clicking links and tags and taking in what I've written on more than one page - now make up almost 40% of the blog. (It used to rarely get above 25% and if, say, I got a link from Instapundit or whatever, that would shrink to about 5%.) That's cool! There's not a blogger on the planet who doesn't want to be read and, take my word for it, I'm no exception!

On a related note, while men have been giving more in donations as individuals, the number of WOMEN has been staggering. Women now make up almost three times the number of donations I've received, and it's more-than-gratifying to know they can see past the bluster and bravado to the good intentions I write with.

While I've never been a Michelle Obama and have always been proud of my country, this display of generosity on the part of my fellow Americans (and some around the world) just renews my passion for telling everyone - whether it be my fellow blacks, or liberals, or anyone out there nursing an anti-American bent - they've got our country all wrong. This IS an amazing place, and you can be sure that if I make it, with your help, I will not be shy about letting everyone know the kindness and support that awaits anyone who finally drops the bullshit and includes themselves, in any way, into the American family. As a foster child, I had no choice - one could say my country raised me - but as an adult, it's been a choice I made on my own and, without a doubt, it's been one I have not and will not ever regret - though, I'm sure, we still have to get rid of the stinking NewAge.

Thank you all - I truly do love you,



  1. Hey man, you really nail a lot of this shit really tight, and for that you get props.

    People hate what you say, and I admire people who have that gift, like Mr. Mike, Michael O'Donoghue.


  2. Count me as one of the ones who actually *read* through (and really loved) a lot of what you have to say after Blogger "warned" me about you. You'd think google would've known that the quickest way to get anyone (especially us gals) to spend more time and money on a person is to "warn" us about him...

  3. Hey Crack,

    Have you considered just buying I checked the domain, and it is not taken. Hosting is dirt cheap nowadays. I run my blog, and host two others for friends from one account for less than $100 bucks a year. It would certainly take care of your "warning label" issue. Migration would probably be a bitch, but having your own domain is worth it in the end, IMHO. Being able to buy up a domain on a whim, or for a friend is nice, and once you have the hosting adding additional domains barely costs anything.

    -The Tunacrab

  4. I'm kinda baffled.

    I'd guess that people who hit the warning page and don't go beyond it -- who were regular readers before -- may be people reading at work, and they're afraid it sends a flag to the IT dept... which it may.

    Otherwise, it makes no sense to me why people who know what's on your site don't click past the wall now

  5. I first heard about your blog via Althouse during the reaction to some twit's (I refuse to name her) book about men.

    Now that Blogger is trying to keep you out of sight, I make it a point to visit every few days.

    Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke, and fuck 'em if they can.

    WV: hunta You a truth hunta, man!