Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Second Undressed Post (I Feel So Naked)

Come on, you knew this already, didn't you?
The Church of Scientology has been using social networks such as Facebook and SchülerVZ to gain young German followers, prompting intelligence officials to ramp up surveillance on the controversial group, a media report said this week.

Investigators in the populous western state of North Rhine-Westphalia are concerned that the faith, viewed by many in Germany as a dangerous cult, has orchestrated a targeted campaign to recruit children and teens, the WAZ media group reported on Tuesday.

Scientologists have been using platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and its German equivalents StudiVZ and SchülerVZ, blogs and forums to post videos with titles such as “Youth for human rights,” and “Say no to drugs, say yes to life,” WAZ said.

Young people searching online for information on drugs or human rights quickly land on Scientology sites, which provide a glossy presentation of the organization without revealing exactly what it is, they added.

Viewers are quickly encouraged to sign up for its online groups, which provides Scientology leaders with a means of direct contact to spread their message.
I love the line "without revealing exactly what it is". Because - when someone's looking for political information or on a search for "spiritual" truth - deceiving them before they know what's happening to them should ALWAYS be the first plan of attack. That defines "honesty", don't you know. I've also got a related question for teens and parents:

Why are young people looking up information on human rights? Shouldn't they be searching for stuff on Rap Groups and eyeliner? What the fuck is going on out there? Young people are NOT old enough to be telling adults how to run the world, as evidenced by the election of Barack Obama, so why are they looking it up? Young people (and quite a few adults) are only mature enough to be cutting my fucking lawn and trying to learn how to say "Bio-tch" correctly.

Please make a note of it, before your little pumpkin or princess finds themselves being pimped for a lifetime by L. Ron's minions.

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