Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Conservatives Are Blaming Coons (Cluelessly Ignoring Yurp's NewAge Cultism)

2021: "How Wokeness Captured Big Business" - a misleading review of a misleading book, illustrated with this misleading photo of Apple's Tim Cook


 2001: "New Age 'Asiatic' thought ... is establishing itself as the hegemonic ideology of global capitalism." - now illustrated by me, with a video of Steve Jobs' and Apple's real contribution to business and culture, which (based on their financial spreadsheets) conservatives have applauded from Day One.

2000: My song "Babylon.com" is released by Amoeba Records and Bomb Hip-Hop, which my black ass wrote as a warning to you bastards ("They're blowing the smoke of the new economy up your ass.") before these eternal racists decided to blame me for the results of NewAge - which we see in the life of Steve Jobs - where IS he, BTW?

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