Monday, February 22, 2021

All Of America's Problems Have Two People Looming Over Them (Like Vultures)

How many years has it been since The Democrat Party initiated their Total Distraction From Rape campaign?
Disgusted? Good. It could be beneficial to your health, a new study shows. Shit, based on that, I'm the healthiest man in the world, already.
Has Jimmy Carter ever said "Sorry" for helping Harvey Milk kidnap a kid for Jim Jones to kill?
Has The Democrat Party copped to what a piece of shit Harvey Milk was?
Poll: Almost Half of Republicans Would Drop GOP, Join Trump Party - nobody wants to hang with a party that's been so tolerant of racists.
Have the Democrats ever copped to stealing an election?
HBO's wrenching "Allen v. Farrow" builds a damning case against Woody Allen's credibility & egomania - if you believe an insane, astrology-loving NewAger, over a man who deals in reality.
Do you think - if the media told the public the Democrat party HAS stolen elections - they'd believe they did steal one?
Texas Failed Because It Did Not Plan - but it did blame everyone else.
Death Is Nothing To Celebrate - death makes NewAgers horny.

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