Monday, February 22, 2021

The Macho Response (Just Some Random Thoughts On The Passing Scene)

90% of "fact-checkers" are Democrats spreading misinformnation. There is NO reason to trust anyone who A) defended lies about "Russian Collusion" for three years B) was comfortable with it happening, or C) enjoys the Democrats benefiting from it. Fuck them all bloody - in the ass - with no vaseline.
Steve Scalise, No. 2 House Republican (who got shot by a Bernie Bro), Still Won’t Say Election Wasn’t Stolen - because the evidence says it was - and the last time the Democrats stole an election, they had to CONFESS to reveal how they did it. But, everybody knew they did it, just as we know it now. Their being stupid doesn't mean we are. We've been through elections before.
Biden is president, but Trump's election lies are still being amplified by his media allies, because nobody gave a fuck about Biden the last three times he ran, and nobody gives a FUCK about him, now.
The notion that men have all the privilege is false, especially in family court - and that's another topic exposing the obvious unfairness that Democrats and women are fine with. So I hate them for being the NewAge Nazis they are.

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