Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Putting The Cart Before The Horse (Is The Easy Way To Make A Life Harder)

Political partisanship appears to cause almost every major writer, who sees the world as I do, to forget or ignore (or maybe they were already oblivious to) Andrew Breitbart's admonition that politics lives downstream from culture. So - by putting the emphasis on the wrong people: politicians - they've pointed their readers in the wrong direction, in almost the exact same wrong way, to end up telling the exact same wrong story, over and over again:
Francis Wheen discovered - almost immediately - he blew his NewAge thesis by attaching Margaret Thatcher to it.
Christopher Locke revealed the weakness in his argument, through the Republican-to-hate of the moment, George W. Bush.
And Kurt Andersen of The New York Times (of course) spirals down the drain by being unable to resist the zeitgeist, and attaching Donald Trump to his, otherwise sound, theories.
They're all wrong, with TMR's point being - even if they weren't - we wouldn't have any of them without a NewAge MOVEMENT, and that puts the ball back in the court of an Oprah or Deepak or Shirley MacLaine or Arianna Huffington or Gary Lachman or any of the other frauds and cult leaders assisting The Democrat Party in distorting reality, and thus, the American way of life.

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