Thursday, February 18, 2021

Science Has Proven That Deepak Chopra Is Helping The Left (Lose It's Mind)

Overseas, Russell Brand (and others) are promoting Deepak Chopra.

In America, Oprah Winfrey (and others) are promoting Deepak Chopra. 
UK's Labor and the US's Democrats, both, claim they're The Party Of Science
So - like any fan of Science - they have to know A) Deepak Chopra's just another old con artist, left over from The BeatlesMaharishi days B) he first became well-known for his involvement in a Scientific caper, and also C) a 2015 paper in the journal Judgment and Decision Making uses Chopra’s tweets to show people have trouble distinguishing profound statements from bullshit

These NewAge Nazi leftists have to know all this - if I do - bullshitting (their party's supporters) being their whole reason for being. 

Otherwise, they would've all dumped Deepak Chopra, a long time ago, and started promoting someone intelligent. 

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