Saturday, February 27, 2021

7 Things You Will Learn (When Your Wife Leaves You For A French Homeopath)

1) If your wife has little-to-no background in science or medicine, your wife is NOT very bright. And probably shouldn't be married to anybody.
2) Your friends who applaud her - for meeting a Doctor - are NOT only not very bright (with little-to-no background in science or medicine) but - like everyone one else you'll discover - they also have absolutely no respect for the institution of Marriage, what-so-ever.
3) The lengths NewAgers will go to get laid, while thinking of themselves as "Gods" and "Goddesses", is mind-blowing. Society is aware of this, BTW, which you'll learn once you're cheated on. They gladly helped make it happen.
4) France - the nation - is dumber than shit, and at least a decade behind other first world countries in intelligence. Their culture's also sexually-deviant and perverted. A group of firefighters recently were found to be having sex with a 13-year old girl and the nation still isn't sure if that was wrong.
5) The entire world encourages fraud - even medical fraud - as a form of relentless, predatory capitalism.
6) Coddling frauds, quacks, and con artists, is a way of life for horny, gullible, and stupid 21st century women.
7) If you're black, alone, and unsuspecting when they come, expect to be crushed - without a shred of sympathy from friend or family, because they're all NewAge by now - and, once they've got you, you're damned to a "Night of the Living Dead" or "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" existence. I've been in lockdown for years now - from them - and the level of concern or attention (about what they've done to life as we know it, and my life specifically) is the same amount as the ingredients in a homeopathic preparation: ZERO.

Live With It.

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