Tuesday, February 16, 2021

When Hillary Called "Psychics" To The WH The U.S. Should've Known What's Up

Like Oprah campaigning with Obama, homeopathy has been sold, for the last 200 years, without hardly anyone making a peep that it's a total fraud - there's even an international industry dedicated to it (I'd love to see what they do at "work" all day,...). Whole Foods sells it - $30.00 a pop for water - claiming they do it "for your health". Hey - they scam you to pay more for their "organic" groceries, so - what the heck? Oprah proves, daily, you're all trippin' anyway.
Today, David Remnick and Robert Reich joined David Axelrod in declaringing history will save the Democrats (an odd reaction for the "winners" of the last election,...) while conservatives have been making the case that France (of all places) will ride to the Republican Party's rescue on race. They're all making about as much sense, on these topics, as humanity's been on homeopathy.
We're just - quite literally - doomed.

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