Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Conservatives Now Hope France Will Fix "Woke" Culture - That Conservatives Blame On Blacks (Though Everyone Keeps Telling The Racists It IS French)

Even more peculiar was that I was in France when Oprah started campaigning with Obama, so - unlike the American news media - I couldn't ignore the 30+ years she had been spreading conspiracy theories, misinformation, pseudoscience, and race-based historical inaccuracies - just like they were doing in France when I was living there. That sidelined me, early, when I got back: I was the first man "canceled" over being aware of this transmission.

Now, today - also unlike the American news media - I don't focus much (if at all) on the year and a few months QAnon has been around, after all the Jim Jones-like evidence, of the left's mystical malfeasance, abandoned for anyone who wants to find it. All I can do is wait - until the world "wakes up" to the similarities, between what we're seeing, today, and how France has always been living.

Or, at least, wait for this idiot to see it - who (as usual) lays the blame on blacks - but A) ain't black and never will be B) never been to France, so knows little about it or them, and C) still wantonly spreads misinformation about both subjects, like he knows something, he seriously can't claim to have a clue about.

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