Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Crack Man Gets Everything Off His Chest (Y'all Should Pass This Around) I

Question: what's the point of dragging quacks before Congress, if the news media will keep using them as a resource, like it never happened? What does that say about the media thinks of quackery? The rule of law? Respect for Science? What are the news media's standards?
Question: what's the point of having a news media, if it's filled with people like Chris Cuomo and Dr. Oz, who are both so blind to quackery they've married NewAge practitioners and promoters of it? How can we expect accurate and intelligent reporting from such gullible and ignorant people? How could we not expect the trouble Andrew Cuomo is in? We haven't been getting any good journalism lately.
Question: what's the point of politics, if the news media - and the politicians they cover - are so blind to NewAge, they'll physically give themselves over to it? And why isn't that blindness considered a reason for disqualification for office?
In a day, I'll be 60. My Father, and Grandfather, passed at 65, so it's no small milestone. Time is limited, to say whatever needs to be said, so I'll point out three generations of black men will die prematurely in America, probably, and none of us were ever happy with the place, before, or at the time of death.
My Grandfather was good natured, my Father less so, and I will die filled with rage. I am - literally - trapped in Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing", where few have ever done the right thing, ever.
In 2005, my wife left me for a homeopath in France. I had to endure the humilation of knowing my wife had been taken in by a fraud, as our friends on both continents applauded a married woman snaring a "Doctor" (You learn how much the world respects Marriage and "Western values" during episodes like this: it doesn't, and anyone considering Marriage should know it).
In 1995, my wife announced she could walk through walls. Asking for a demonstration got me nothing but trouble - from everyone - ever since. My sister recently took me through the similar oddessey: she can "heal" now - by waving her hands. Today, I am divorced, and my beloved sister and I don't speak for the first time in our lives. I have been "canceled" by them, our friends, and society. Since they have no evidence for their beliefs, it should be them being ostracized, but that's not the world I live in now.
I live when women are "love bombed" by a world of cults, enamored with Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, and whole host of other NewAge charlatans and quacks, who constitute an unacknowledged and dangerous power base, with devoted followers, around the world. These are the people betraying us.
But they're not treated like that. This group - who have a very high number of liars, theives, rapists (like John of God, above) and murderers amongst them - are treated as harmless, charming, even beneficial flakes, as they weave in and out of politics and other areas of life. And, whatever social damage they cause, is just the collateral damage of, - not themselves or their movement.
Christopher Hitchens noted how they mingle sex and death - I've had nightmares for years over it. Bill Clinton killed Ricky Ray Rector to cover for Gennifer Flowers. He bombed Africa to cover for Monica Lewinsky. In both caases, he got sex and blacks suffered. Just like when when my wife met her homeopath while burying her mother overseas. Andrew Cuomo's nursing home scandal - right before a sexual harrassment charge. People without morals don't notice these things. My wife and our friends never have. The larger, NewAge-enamoured society hasn't either. I doubt, like vampires, most ever will.
Some people lament the confusion NewAge has sown will never end. This might be true, as long as Americans contiinue to live as a nation without a shred of honesty, or honor.


As far as I know, Michael Shermer is the only celebrity who gets exasperated when Deepak Chopra tells a lie - which he does often. Everyone else just carries on, offering the quack more columns in magazines, and handing him more money - as Oprah and Netflix astonishingly jumped in to help Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, when they moved here (after saying they wouldn't). We need more Michael Shermers, as we also need people to start kicking the amoral Oprahs, Deepak Chopras, and all the rest, to the curb, if we ever hope for the world to start making sense again. Especially ethically. They've destroyed my life. They don't have to be allowed to destroy everything.

[To be cont'd.]


  1. U are worth so much more than rage-
    Happy birthday, Crack.

  2. My last wife, when I moved out pending a divorce, burned sage in the house to "remove the evil." She became very into crystals and their "power" in the six months prior to that. Figures.