Tuesday, February 16, 2021

All Served (With A Hot Cup Of "Joe")


In post-Clinton America, if a Scientist debates a NewAge con artist, the fraud's well-known. Popular. Also probably a millionaire Democrat, trying to validate nonsense (for "The Party of Science") as Obama campaigned with Oprah Winfrey, and now, openly running candidates like Marianne Williamson - all without a peep from a distracted, and disinterested, but yoga-loving media. 

In post-Clinton America, liars are treated as equals - not called out, their lies (and criminal activities) detailed, and no demands are made to know why they intentionally spread misinformation, finally ending this charade. 

No, in post-Clinton America, we're just being forced to endure it. 


In post-Clinton America, we're lied to daily, as Tucker Carlson so eloquently shows us here - if the three years of "Russian Collusion" didn't make THAT clear enough. The Democrat Party dollops it on, in big steamy piles, with flies buzzing around and everything, because - apparently - Democrats eat this shit up! Being fed obvious, brain-dead falsehoods, like this, is not only what they sincerely wanted, but voted for! The poor, ridiculous fools.


NewAge news anchors (teased as "Fredo" the idiot) married to NewAge fruitcakes, deliberately twisting wrong into right, night after night, right before our very eyes - because people are too dumb to demand better - because they're not checking the facts, either. They're swallowing this shit whole. They love it. As others suffer rape and murder under the distractions they provide.


This is the Democrat's "American Dream" for the rest of us.

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