Monday, February 15, 2021

The Democrat Party's NewAge Nazis (Are Just Gonna Have To Live With It)

It's an American tragedy, that only in tragedy - and atrocities - does NewAge America's lack of self-awareness ever become clear: 

Tragedy, and atrocity, is how I describe Democrat voters giving Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the White House, after Joe wrongly locked up millions of niggas for 26 years - even for pot - as Kamala smoked it herself, and then laughed about arresting blacks.
Clueless and/or corrupt Kamala even slept with Montel Williams, after he successfully operated a TV scam that ripped-off millions of Americans. That's the quality Joe and the rest of "the party" look for in a running mate.
Don't believe me? Donna I-see-a-cult Brazil got fired from the Democrat Party leadership, but ONLY after getting caught helping Hillary Clinton cheat during a debate. Hillary was, of course, as willing to cheat, then, as she was to laugh when the world believed her "Russian Collusion" hoax for three long years.


This is the level of integrity the Democrat's voters allow the party to exist on - the Clinton's: killing Ricky Ray Rector - a mentally disabled black man - to look "tough on crime" and so forth. They'll do and say ANYTHING for power.
When I ask Democrat voters about this - and, especially, what they've done to millions of wrongly-incarcerated black people in this election - they, too, just wanna forget they just molested somebody. Except, they know, they got talked into defeating a man who was RELEASING BLACKS AND KEEPING US OUT OF WARS, TOO, so they'll never be able to prove is a racist - only that Joe, and Kamala, and their lying media, told them to do so.
I almost feel sorry for them, whenever I think about how long a lifetime is - and how they'll have to live with, and explain their mistakes, and what they've actively done wrong, to blacks, to their own kids, and, ultimately, to their country.

When I don't hate their fucking guts, for ruining my life, I mean.

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