Monday, February 22, 2021

Instapundit Is Saturday Night Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, And France, Now

Jesus Fucking Christ, make it stop.


 I get as frustrated by reading Instapundit as a black person, as I do watching Saturday Night Live as a conservative.


Glenn Reynolds sells just another stupid "narrative" - just as biased, just as stupid, and just as dishonest - with little-to-no bearing on my life.


If I want to be entertained, reading Instapundit (or the racist commenters at Althouse) is a good way to watch BLM cause white people to lose their minds. (Remember when whites said blacks aren't human - for CENTURIES - and we had to live with that? It upsets them, that anyone would say that, now, about themselves - after centuries of them doing that to us. The idea, that they should have have to live with what they inflict on others - without compensation - is horrifying, them. They don't think it should've been, to anyone who had to live through it, on the receiving end of their attacks - because fairness).
Instapundit STUPIDLY says Obamacare was the turning point for the American left - not when Bill and Hillary were inviting "psychics" and "gurus" to the White House (to talk to dead people, which Kamala Harris also believes can be done) creating a whole new level of power in American politcs - to help them. These so-called conservatives (clearly) think that was *perfectly normal behavior* (rolls eyes). Andrew Breitbart told them - politics is DOWNSTREAM FROM CULTURE - but they don't even listen to HIM. That's how dumb THEY are. Marianne Williamson for PRESIDENT? HELLO!!
Conservatives notice when Media Begins Noticing Cuomo’s Toxic Culture … When Aimed At Dems - but their own toxicity (especially to blacks) goes unnoticed, unattended, and uncared for - see the long-ignored Republican 2012 Autopsy on Race if you want proof. They sincerely don't care, and I can say that after more than a decade around them. Conservative whites care as much, about being right on race, as liberals do about Oprah being wrong on everything. They, too, just want POWER - not justice for Americans or a better country, or a more perfect union. They - literally - could care less.
Notice how often Glenn Reynolds is pumping up the (normally) hated French now? THAT's another way to know he's full of shit.
Another is how giddy he gets over his ugly, recurring, theme of running blacks down with the car. And the fact no one turns on him for it. They're just racists of the highest order.
The man's a so-called "leader" from another, much more racist age, and - like Oprah Winfrey - he's also been selling quackery for far too long. It, clearly, fucks with the mind in dangerous ways.

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