Monday, February 15, 2021

Glenn Reynolds And Conrad Black Rely On Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys

Anytime I see American conservatives, hoping France (of all places) will come to their rescue, I KNOW there's either:
A) a major glitch in The Matrix, or
Ain't gonna happen.
The American right's (almost) blanket denial - of all black's claims - ain't gonna fly, no matter which other (formally?) racist nation joins them, in trying to get them off the ground. The Republican Party's 2012 Election Autopsy (which they ignored) and President Trump's gains amongst blacks and latinos, say it's the American right with the problem - not blacks - and that hasn't changed, so they need to start shutting-up, and working harder, to figure their patriotism out.

Ethically, the Republican Party would do better to turn to Rick Perry right now. Yes, I said Rick Perry, the former Texas Governor. He's a good man, who's thought a lot about race in America, and had some good ideas on the subject. And his conservative credentials are impeccable.

That means, as far as I know, he's never felt cheeky for sleeping with a student (or someone old enough to be his Grandmother) nor stole his spouse, nor betrayed one, so his opinions might have more credibility than this fool's.

As American conservatives should know, a history of honesty holds everything together, and they're not going to find that in France.

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