Monday, February 22, 2021

Hershel Walker Can Barely Speak English (But Whites Think We Should Listen)

'Slavery ended over 130 years ago': Former NFL player Herschel Walker says Black Americans shouldn't get reparations, but Former NFL player Herschel Walker isn't articulate enough to make the case convincingly. His obvious lack of an American-level education - alone - AFTER BLACKS HAVE BEEN IN THIS COUNTRY FOR 400 YEARS is a damn good reason for black reparations: 

I'd bet everything I own, after a lifetime in this country, Hershel Walker is a grown American male who this nation has rendered as barely able to spell - and they're comfortable with that. Whites want me to EMULATE HIS DUMB ASS.

Unlike Louis CK, with his "white education" (who explained Walker's point, years before Walker made it, and did a much better job of it) whites, obviously, raised Walker to be simple-minded - and, isn't it funny, how conservatives are siding with the most stupid (and isolated) black people, on race?

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