Saturday, February 27, 2021

I Feel Like The Missing Link (They Used To Call Black People That In America)


When I was being canceled by the left - back in 2005 - the right abandoned me, convinced (by their own rhetoric) there are "No Victims" in America. 

Now that the right is being canceled, they're screaming "Join us - before there are MORE victims in America." 

 Yeah, notice the rhetoric, now: the "No Victims" people want ME to join THEM - I'm abandoned, still. The idea of joining an attacked black man, or talking to a black man about it (who's already been attacked), or saving a black man from them, or allowing a black man to lead in the fight against them - in any way - hasn't been on the right's agenda, no matter what either party does, since Frederick Douglass. They're so focussed on themselves - and what they "think" - they don't even consider other options. Especially when it comes to me and mine, so the right stays late to what's going down. I've seen NO BLACKS at C-PAC. What is ANYONE, on the right or left, going to tell ME about the dangers of being canceled? NOTHING. They know NOTHING about being broke and facing this, totally outnumbered. They're only talking to themselves. They're all survivors - with money - so it'll never flatten them. They just won't be in charge. Boo-hoo.


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