Thursday, February 25, 2021

I'm Almost 60 - And So Glad I'm Not Messed Up (And It's Just Everybody Else)

My nation has harbored Nazis by the thousands, for decades, while lying to me, and claiming it was fighting them for blacks and Jews. They honored them, and let them change our culture, and never told us. Least of all, me.


For over 150 years, my nation lied to me about slavery - purely for reasons of race - while lying and claiming it was solving the problem. Now that blacks have gone crazy over race issues - whites have been lying about for centuries - they blame blacks for that, too. But they're not racists, and there's no racism, here. OK.
My nation has encouraged a Mammy - I mean, Oprah - to lie to me, spreading misinformation and pseudoscience (that have resulted in rip-offs, rapes and deaths) for decades. They don't care: they like HER. They wouldn't think of stopping her, as they cry about problems from misinformation and conspiracy theories, in our culture.
My nation has let Whole Foods (and liberals) lie to me, mislead me, and sell pseudoscience to me, for decades. Then tried to make me feel bad, if I didn't get onboard, with the rest of the medieval-minded saps in line.
My nation has always known MLK was just another low-life rapist preacher, but still lied to me, and taught me to worship him as a saint, anyway (I have no idea why MLK is dead now - cheating spouses?)

The Democrat Party has a long history of stealing elections, and lying to me - that they're lying about - they even sold that murderous homosexual creep, Harvey Milk, as a saint. To your children. After he helped get a child killed by Jim Jones and the People's Temple. Buying that lie - and defending it - is the definition of what it means to be a "progressive".
My nation has just let the Democrats lie their way to power over a President - President Trump - and now acts like everyone who knows 100% what kind of "Russian Collusion" Fantasyland they just lived through for the last four years, like me, is crazy. Somehow, none of this deceit is punishable in America, anymore.
The Democrat Party - with it's history of sexual abuse starting in slavery - could give a damn about lying to me, the truth, or correcting (or enforcing) either. They want POWER - for themselves. Otherwise, they would've helped those FOUR (4) loyal Democrat women screaming, "Bill Clinton raped me!" a long time ago. They've been The Democrat Party's most obvious political sacrifice, of my life.
My nation's led by Democrats - the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, and NewAge - they're happiest when making me live with their constant lying.

They've wanted my generation to honor deceit - and appear to have succeeded - far, far beyond their wildest dreams, just by putting two house niggas out front. 

But, despite NewAge Naziism's success - selling deceit - it just can't work on me.

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  1. HEAVY post. lot of anger in that. don't says "nazi" … that's too simple. i kinda hate new age too. i also fucking hate identity politics the way it's turned out lately. don't say "house niggas" … that's just rude. i feel where you coming from. you can say anything you want. you have an interesting perspective. peace.