Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Crack Man Gets Everything Off His Chest (Y'all Should Pass This Around) II


Ann Althouse - a former lawyer and professor - tells the world it's madness will never end (No reason to do anything, then, from her comfy home in Madison, but blog about nonsense and take the angry white rube's money, right?). Sarah Hoyt - a professional writer - goes online, nightly, and insanely encourages Americans to fight one another (because SMART). And  of course, good ol' Glenn Reynolds - the man who can't spot quackery - wants to run disgruntled blacks down with his car (because why be disgruntled, living with the likes of him?) Face it:

Tucker Carlson and I are the only two, regularly arguing for facts, reason, critical thinking, and common sense - and it shows. The rest of these fools don't even know what those words mean.


This is the NewAge, but also a very happy 60th for me, because I've made-up my mind about, at least, one thing after all these years: I won't even consider debating about it with another powerful, but obvious, idiot any longer. They, either, can open their eyes or they cannot.

Left or right, I'm convinced: by 2021, being an idiot is such a fatal flaw, they can, and will, fall on their own - without any further assistance from me.

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