Monday, February 22, 2021

Only Democrats Can Go From Clinton To Cruz (And Miss All The Cootchie, Too)

Always, always, always short-sighted (so always, always, always acting before they think) the Democrats sent a mariachi band to Ted Cruz's house, yesterday, over his vacation. Because - since they cater to low-information voters - they always, always, always also wrongly ass-U-me they're funny.
But, of course, all they did was offer real news watchers another reminder, that Bill Clinton, the leader of The Democrat Party, took vacations, too - to rape girls - but (unlike with Ted Cruz - which seems urgent to them) the party has left the topic of Bill & Hillary's many sexual escapades (at other's expense) unmolested for decades.
That result - revealing their own corruption while trying to tease others - is a clear demonstration of the combined power, of Democrat media control, and extremely stupid, and callous, voters.
I'm talking as extreme as "extremely stupid" can get.

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