Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Spelled N-O-B-E-L, not N-O-B-L-E

Adolph Hitler - Nazi Scaremonger - and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

Yasser Arafat - Middle East Scaremonger - and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Al Gore - Climate Scaremonger - and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.



    Guilt by Association is the attempt to discredit an idea based upon disfavored people or groups associated with it.

    For instance, in the 1960s some anti-communists attacked support for civil rights by pointing out that the Communist Party of the United States also supported the civil rights movement.

    It was then argued that anyone who supported civil rights was thereby supporting communism, whether they intended to or not. Here is the form of the argument:

    1. All communists are civil rights supporters.

    2. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a civil rights supporter.

    3. Therefore, Martin Luther King, Jr. is a communist.

    This argument commits a syllogistic fallacy, and many other instances of Guilt by Association commit the same fallacy.

    Subfallacy: Hitler Card


    Hitler was a vegetarian.
    Therefore, vegetarianism is wrong.

    The Nazis were conservationists.
    Therefore, conservationism is wrong.


  2. Funny but, yesterday, the New York Times' Patricia Cohen quoted Francis Sejersted (chairman of the committee) as saying:

    "“Awarding a peace prize is, to put it bluntly, a political act.”

    So, whether Al Gore is spreading fear-based lies or not (as Hitler and Arafat did - and as recently revealed in England) he got the "political" prize anyway. The article I linked to reminds us of the words of Mark Twain:

    "A good lie will have travelled half way around the world while the truth is putting on her boots."

    I stand by my assertion.