Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dr. Crack To The Rescue!!!

According to the Contra Costa Times, now that the FDA has stopped over the counter sales of children's cold remedies, parents on the Pregnancy Weekly website are "tentatively" being offered "Holistic help" from someone called "Meg and Jo" - followed by a "winking, yellow, smiling avatar" - and that "help" is coming in the form of "brave" suggestions for parents to try homeopathic products.

How wonderful. How sweet. How sinister can you get?

To make this parenting dilemma easier, I - The Crack Emcee, M.D. - am going to offer my own suggestion to the San Francisco Bay Area's troubled parents:

A) This is a glass of water.

B) This is a homeopathic preparation.

Which is better?

I'd say 'A' - because it's cheaper.

In case you guys don't 'get' it, here's James Randi (of the James Randi Educational Foundation) to explain it - again:

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