Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Get The Wood - I'll Light The Fire

"If you eat food that is 'chemical free' (whatever that means), 'macrobiotic' (ditto) and designed to 'detoxify', you will live forever, surely? Sadly not. The harsh truth,...will dismay Britain's army of zen exercisers,...we don't want to hear that it has often been decided before we were even born when, and how, we will go into that long dark night.

Probably the best advice if you want to live a long healthy life is to choose your parents carefully. Your genes, as much as your diet or your lifestyle, dictate your health to a perhaps depressing degree.

We used to persecute witches. Perhaps we should start to do so again — not harmless old women with cats this time, but the seedy sellers of snake oil and hype promising us health and happiness in a bottle who proliferate in our society.

Modern witchcraft has its own vocabulary, a set of runic symbols to describe its spells — terms like 'toxin', 'chemical free', 'biofields' and the all pervasive 'natural' which should alert the sensible and skeptical that they are about to be had."

- Michael Hanlon, of The Daily Mail, commenting on the group, Sense About Science, which found the health, organic, "all natural", and scientific claims of most over-the-counter products are completely bogus. The claims weren't even understandable, or believable, to the people that make them. Only the gullible Trader Joes/Whole Foods/Health Food public was sucking them up to "feel good" about their purchases. Giving money to liars - and raising the price of food for the poor - for their own selfishness.

Of course, TMR is in favor of burning witches, snake oil salesmen, and all other manifestations of the NewAge. The only debatable item at TMR is how,...

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