Saturday, October 6, 2007

Occult Family Values

"So what kind of family produces a mass murderer? Answer: anyone’s family,...[Heinrich Himmler] was something of a prig,...homeopathy, spiritualism and the occult replaced Catholicism as his creed in adult life,...Living with a mistress as well as a wife (though he was so busy he saw very little of either) he advocated institutional bigamy for the "racially pure" SS."

From a review of the book, The Himmler Brothers.

This couldn't help but remind me of today's hipster hatred toward organized religion, while they also embrace the madness of NewAge spirituality, and the dangers of nonsense - any ol' lousy thing really - except boring ol' common sense and reason. "Homeopathy, spiritualism and the occult" - plus cheating and lying - don't sound like "anyone’s family" to me,...except The Addam's Family (above) The Royal Family, and the family of my french ex-wife (Really.)

O.K., O.K. - I'm joking:

The Addam's Family was far more grounded than The Royal Family, or my ex's,...and they also had stronger chins.


  1. Interesting post, I think that a mass murdered can be spotted from a young age, I watched a documentary on the discovery channel about this, they said that the brain of this murderers is lightly different, and that difference is similar in all murderers.s77v