Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ann Coulter Is Right: John Edwards IS A Faggot

Well, it looks like another new age nutcase has ruined some other people's lives,...but, this time, it's some people you've heard of and probably care about:

Word has it, John Edwards, the presidential candidate, is sleeping with a immoral fruitcake while his wife is battling cancer.

Her name is Rielle Hunter and here is her website. It opens with the words, "After years of spiritual seeking, actress Rielle Hunter says she literally woke up enlightened,..." but should close with the words, "enlightened enough to show no more interest in another human being than Tony Saprano" - even a woman suffering with cancer.

Personally, I want to vomit after all I've seen of this kind of shit. Especially after looking at her stupid list of "wise guys", which consists of three astrologers and a "healer" from Malibu who specializes in (I shit you not) "Aboriginal Didgeridoo Therapy". From today's Wonkette:

"[Rielle Hunter] really didn’t have much experience doing anything beyond being, in the words of Jay McInerney, “an ostensibly jaded, cocaine-addled, sexually voracious 20-year old.” That was a couple years ago, though. Now she’s a 44-year-old former all of those things, and a weirdo new agey spiritualist flake."

This bitch is crazy - and, if this is true, John Edwards is finished - and beyond contemptible. (Not that he was anything to begin with,...)

Now, anybody still want to argue with me about the worth - or lack thereof - of new agers? They - and their flakiness - destroy everything they touch.

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