Thursday, October 11, 2007

'For The Children' My Ass

This 1964 ad (above) was considered so wrong and exploitive - such a manipulative use of a child - that it only played once on American television.

But, in 2007, I see this GW ad (above) every day. Why? Can't the claims of Global Warming hold up without trying to manipulate my feelings with children? What am I supposed to think? That these kids are experts on climate change - or anything else - and I'm (as an adult) supposed to listen to them? Who are the bullshit artists behind this ad trying to kid? (No pun intended.) And this as they tell us children are bad for the planet? Anyone that can think this through has to admit these "save the planet" people are playing all the angles - and are some truly sinister bastards.

Look at this ad:

Isn't that the bad guy from Star Wars - but as a kid? Now, go to the end of this article and look at that partial list of things GW has been blamed on - everything from boredom to the end of Christmas - it's just more proof these people are malicious manipulative environmental new age assholes who will stop at nothing to keep people from thinking while convincing them, by any means necessary, to do as they're told. It's disgusting and it's wrong. The whole new age concept is so disgusting and wrong we should be discussing DW instead of GW.

That, at least, would make sense to a 5 year old.

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