Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Newspaper Bullshit Vs. Common Sense

Newspaper bullshit on Marion Jones, from Ron Rapoport, in the L.A. Times:

"Why did she do it? I think it was her determination to do something nobody else had done,...I think it was those five gold medals she wanted to win,...I think she and Graham looked at the Olympic schedule and saw that in a period of 10 days she would have to run three races at 100 meters, three at 200 meters, compete twice in the long jump, run heats in the 400- and 1,600-meter relays and then run the relay finals less than two hours apart. I think they decided she would need help. I think they bought into the widespread notion among athletes that steroids would help her recovery time."

Common Sense Says:

Come on, the bitch didn't think she'd get caught. She thought she was "special" and we were all stupid. "Flaxseed oil" was the cover story. Throw her, and Barry Bonds, under the jail for their arrogance. Next:

Newspaper bullshit on Tyler Peterson (above) from Megan Twohey, in the Chicago Tribune:

"CRANDON, Wis. - A bloody picture of how a 20-year-old police officer gunned down his ex-girlfriend and five other young people began to come into focus Monday, but residents of this small Wisconsin community were still asking questions more than a day after the gunman died in a police standoff."

Common Sense Says:

Of course, America's heart goes out to all involved, but TMR's goes out, especially, to Tyler Peterson and his family. It's a terrible thing when a young man feels so much - only to discover others are capable of feeling so little. How his victims were raised is the only question that should haunt the citizens of that small Wisconsin town. Tyler Peterson's motives are all too clear: Those loser kids he killed used the fact he was "a cop in love" to be cruel to him - basically turning our value-system upside-down. (Because of their cruelty, they may be as guilty as he is.) Evil begets evil. And the emotions, especially the lack of compassion Tyler Peterson recieved, was real and powerful. Maybe the next time someone needs help, or to be heard, the people around them will decide to do something other than teasing, and heaping on ridicule, to make themselves feel big. Being cool by caring, generically, about the animals or "saving the planet" isn't nearly as important as knowing how to care for the souls right in front of you. Somehow, people who buy into new age thinking forget that. It's really a terrible shame.

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