Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Revolution WILL Be Televised

"Change your mind - mind your change - keep the enemy in motion and in your range: I can do any God damned thing I want!"

-- Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, "Anything" (Nail)

I'm sorry to repeat myself but - in order to be clear - I think it's necessary to start at the beginning: the term, "occult," means "hidden."

As anyone that's had to find anything will know - whether it be a doctor trying to locate a patients "hidden" problem, or a child engaged in hide-and-go-seek - trying to find that which doesn't want to be found isn't easy. Where the hell is Osama bin Laden?

I'm not going to bore you with a history of the occult, but you should know three things: 1) it's been with us a long time 2) it's only "real" because people choose to believe in its "powers" (I do not) and 3) the thing that's most rarely mentioned, in descriptions of the occult, is its followers propensity for not letting a little thing like lying (to the rest of us or themselves) get in the way of their beliefs.

"Beliefs," of course, are our hopes and dreams - not our actions. But, unfortunately, believers confuse the two (or, more accurately, rope them together) and follow through on them. They do this even though their beliefs are erroneous - especially the belief we'll forget what they've done.

I've mentioned before that we can follow the history of the modern occult most easily through publishing, where, in a single generation, we've seen book stores change it's section into NewAge - only to rename it, again, with the title Body, Mind and Spirit. Why that last switch? Because the term New Age lost its cache on August 17th, 1987, with the event called the Harmonic Convergence.

The Harmonic Convergence was an epic (and quietly fanatical) spectacle that had believers, the world over, practicing rituals to bring about a time of eternal peace - and the symbolic "death" of everything else. Meaning our very way of life. Note: they didn't ask anyone if this was desired.

The date (like the current harping on the year 2012) was based primarily on the Mayan calendar, but was also affected by "interpretations" of European and Asian astrology. There's nothing more NewAge than astrology and practices labeled "Eastern."

The "New Age" period ended because everyone laughed at the Harmonic Convergence - just as they laughed at the Yippies who tried to levitate the Pentagon using occult "powers." So, like the anti-capitalist (Hippie) Yippies became the overly-capitalist (Hippie) Yuppies - supposedly to destroy capitalism from the inside - a re-working of the NewAge movements identity was in order. They needed a way to blend in.

But, where it once was cool to make it obvious your head was filled with exotica (think of Richard "Be Here Now" Alpert, above, becoming Ramm Dass) now, the occult and NewAge movements didn't want to be identified for what they were after the humiliation of the Harmonic Convergence.

Deep down inside, NewAgers (a terribly insecure bunch) knew there was nothing supporting their beliefs, so, once again, they had to be re-branded to appear attractive to the uninitiated.

As an example, look at all the names the leader of the Nuwaubians, Dwight York (above) has had, to keep a steady flow of followers, and hide his predilection for pedophelia:

Dr. York
Malakai Z. York
Dr. Malachi Z. York-El
Imperial Grand Potentate Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York 33°/720°
Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©™
Grand Al Mufti "Divan" Noble Rev. Dr. Malichi Z. York-El
Malachi Zodok
Melki Sedec
Nayya Malachizodoq-El
Malachi Zodoq
Melchi Zedek
Amunnubi Rooakhptah
Amunubi Rah Ka Ptah
Amun Nubi Raakh Ptah
Amun-Nubi Re Ankh Ptah
Amunnebu Reakh Tah
Amun Nebu Re
As Sayyid Al Imaam Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi
Asayeed El Imaam Issa El Haaiy El Mahdi
Isa Abd’Allah Ibn Abu Bakr Muhammad
Isa al Haadi al-Mahdi
Isa Muhammad
Abba Essa
Abba Issa
Isa Abdullah
Akhtah Isa Abdullah
‘Isa Al-Masih
Imaam Isa
Imam Isa Abu-Bakr
Al Hajj Al Imaam Isa
Al Hajj Al Imaam Isa Abd’Allah Muhammad Al Mahdi
Isa Alibad Mahdi
The Angel Michael
Michael the Great
En. Marduq. Gal
En-Mar. Duq
Al Qubt
El Qubt
Al Khidr
The Green One
The One
Rabboni D.D.
Rabboni Y’shua Bar El Haady
Amar Utu
Baa Baa
Baba Bassa Afrika
The Master Teacher
Master Teacher H.E. Sunu: Bawaba Bassa Afriqa
Neter: A’aferti Atum-Re
Nezder: A’aferti Atum Re
The Grand Hierophant:Tuhuti
Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle
The Reformer

Mr. York's efforts are very impressive - and remember: that's just one guy (can you imagine how many guises we're talking about when you include the entire matrix of NewAge believers and related institutions?) York's even more impressive when you think that, even with all that switching of identities, people kept buying his crap - and even stuck with him after he was convicted and sent to prison for life. Mr. York is a NewAge cult leader of the highest order - and a popular songwriter - so, as he has said, he's been able to collect the gullible (without their knowledge) for decades:

"You were listening to my hits back in the 60’s and did not know it, nor did you know that songs which were considered ‘message music’ in the 70’s were written by me."

He's saying we've all absorbed this philosophy, bit by bit, and "did not know it." Why not? Because his role - and status as a NewAge cultist - were "hidden." But are we capable of understanding the corrupting nature of this message now? Or are our fingers, still, in our ears?

In his article about a mother of New Age, Louise Hay, Mark Oppenheimer told us, "Though you may not know it, you live in Louise Hay's world."

Do you see the emphasis on NewAgers doing things that you're not aware of? Of covertly controlling you, manipulating you, and - without a debate - getting you to agree to their twisted worldview? You like PBS, right? Yea, like Carole King had James Taylor sing of her guru, you've got friend.

Getting back to publishing, I own a copy of The New Age Catalogue from 1988, and, interestingly, at the bottom it says, "By the editors of Mind, Body, and Spirit." Of course, anyone who follows these things knows Mind, Body, and Spirit was formally New Age Magazine.

And - if you really follow these things - you know Mind, Body, and Spirit got that name from 1977's Mind Body Spirit Festival, which had themes such as "the relationship between religion, the paranormal, spirituality, natural healing, consciousness and personal growth." Despite all that being ephemeral (AKA "airy-fairy") aren't these all the very-familiar ideas - treated as weighty and important - that people, like Oprah Winfrey, are pushing today?

Exhibitors at the Mind Body Spirit Festival included "the Hare Krishna devotees, the Aetherius Society, Christian groups, Buddhist groups, Tarot readers, vegetarians, vegans, Tai Chi groups, the Anthroposophical Society, Reiki and many other New Age groups."

O.K., think about it: 1977 to 2008. That's over 30 years the modern occult/NewAge movement has been after us - morphing from one thing to another without our knowledge - and now, as Mind/Body/Spirit, they're finally making headway with this stuff we used to laugh at. Is that a conspiracy theory - or a clear-eyed view of the occults "hidden" history? (The "bible" of the modern NewAge Movement is The Aquarian Conspiracy, above.) Are you now trying to put your hands over your eyes and ears?

I am trying to show you how we are the subjects, and focus, of the occult/NewAge. How these discordant groups, shifting their titles and identities as needed - and acting together - are the real "Matrix" in American lives. I'm also saying, now that we're not laughing anymore, we should understand who they are, how they're connected, and what they're doing, and begin an accounting of the damage they're wrecking on society.

The influence they've had in our lives - especially mine - wasn't ever put up to a vote. It was never discussed. We - all of us who aren't a part of the NewAge movement - never had an idea, or warning, about what was/is coming. We're trapped in a constant state of surprise, with occultists springing things on us, and all we can see is how bad life is becoming - without a clear explanation why. We don't recognize the symbols they're responding to, we don't understand the code words they trade in, or any of the other methods they've employed. They're "hidden."

So what are the results of their actions? The "dumbing down" of our educational system. Quack "remedies" that do not work. An environmentalist movement determined to break America's wallet, and on, and on, and on. I don't want to list them all because, honestly, any American can identify them for themselves. What Americans can't see is that escaping the grip of occultism is the actual "change" we're yearning for. The fact NewAge influence is dispersed throughout our society - so when we feel it, we call it "socialism," or something else we're used to - is why it's so hard for us to nail it down. Occultists think they're being slick.

Consider another example for a moment:

Today, Henry T. Nicholas III, the founder of Broadcom, was indicted for various heinous conspiracy-type actions, including drugging his clients.

One of his Broadcom co-conspirators (not yet indicted) is the owner of the Anaheim Ducks hockey team, Henry Samueli.

Back in September, I noted that Samueli was married to a homeopath, Susan Samueli, and they were getting government money - from our defense budget - supposedly for NewAge quack research.

They were getting that money from Democratic Representative Peter Visclosky, who is part of the anti-war community that's intent on demoralizing our country in wartime.

Now, look at that matrix of interests - politics, medicine, science, technology, sports, etc. - and, especially if you're on the Left, consider: is it unfair to say these people, coming at you from so many angles at once, have you intellectually cornered? I think that's how NewAgers are over-stepping - and how they are going to eventually get busted.

They are collectively forming a whole, that has no interest in individual lives, children, or our country's well-being. Instead, they're secretly stripping us down - gradually, subversively, and cruelly. And it takes a political election to see we're naked to them - and to spark a confrontation. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think there's one on the way.

Am I using a decent standard of evidence? And - more importantly - should we start defending ourselves, based on such evidence? At least, start holding some investigations? NewAgers have been proposing a Nuremberg-like trial for those "deniers" to their climate change claims. That's actually talking of holding the equivalent of McCarthy hearings to shut down opposing viewpoints - and our right to knowledge and freedom of speech. Should we be waiting for them to act first? If we don't move before they do, I don't think we're going to like the results. These people aren't going to stop. They haven't before. And right now - in an election year - it's they who are vulnerable.

Yes, I'm writing this to say, one way or another, there's a confrontation coming. And, it seems to me, we should at least *consider* holding some NewAge Nurembergs of our own - on them - first. Make them defend their actions. Take them to account. Tony Robbins, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Ken Wilber, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Al Gore, Sylvia Browne, Montel Williams - all the big guns. And if their answers, or actions, don't have any solid basis, then it's fair the rest of us know why these celebrated individuals have been doing this to us - and "we were just following orders" won't do: they've been putting our country at risk.

If you follow their actions, you can see these people have been taking, and taking, and taking - and even killing. And they use the money they make - for useless fire-walking sessions, solipsistic theories of "everything," and "peace palaces," etc. - to fund their love for friendly/liberal fascism. We're talking trillions of dollars to clamp America down. Not simply so it's kids can grow up, either, more befuddled than we were at their age, or (like all kids) hating their parents for not defending them better - because they can see the 60s generation had a weak spot for spiritual sundials and rhetorical rainbows of pastel madness - but despising the country itself, for what the occultists have imagined to be its sins.

I'd start Americas NewAge Nurembergs with Oprah and Obama. (Yes, you heard me: this country should be ashamed there was ever an "Age of Oprah." Or that her endorsement could help get Obama elected to the top of a major political party ticket, because it not only proves Americans still superficially focus on race, after all the talk of MLK's legacy, but that this country is laboring with an insufficient education - in critical thinking - that has resulted in an extremely weak state of mind.) Oprah Winfrey's the most visible celebrity proponent of the NewAge movement. She's a key to the whole thing. You know it as well as I do - she's enlisting cultists, like Kirsti Alley, for future TV programs - so I say start with her.

When Oprah Winfrey brought the NewAge to her show, her viewers should have known to run for the exits - or turned on her - and the fact they didn't, allowing things to go as far as they have, is proof (to me) of some, clear, unavoidable conclusions:

Once (somehow) exposed, America will be propelled into an eventual Cult War - Anonymous Vs. Scientology has already started - so the only questions are what's going to trigger it spreading, and when. As deep as NewAge has been allowed to seep into Western culture - it's in sociology, psychology, medicine, government, ecology, science, arts, education, the business community, the media, entertainment, sports, the church, etc. - certain other conclusions are obvious, too:

A) Once the Cult Wars begin, events are going to get really hairy, really fast.

B) We're going to have to watch our enemies, outside our borders, very, very, closely - because to challenge these beliefs, inside, is going to cause social confusion - giving our enemies an opportunity to act, if we're not vigilant.

C) And (make no doubt about this one:) no matter how it happens, it's going to hurt.

I predicted Anonymous vs. Scientology, long before it happened - I practically campaigned for it.

I predicted Obama and McCain, also, long before it happened.

I've predicted Obama will crumble - specifically because of spirituality - and McCain will win in a landslide.

And, now, I'm predicting a NewAge response.

Mark my words:

I don't know how, but I do know why, and - because of the NewAge movements efforts - America's definitely been positioned to confront these forces of darkness head-on.

Hey Baby Boomers: welcome back to the future.


  1. Crack Emcee, I think this is one of the best posts you've done yet, and so very true. People need to know this stuff, keep up the good fight.

  2. "(...) the 60s generation had a weak spot for spiritual sundials and rhetorical rainbows of pastel madness..."

    Like your language. :) An interesting post overall -- more on it later.

  3. CMC, given your gift for making accurate predictions, I'm not going to wage any bets here (LOL). However, this is what I think on the subject (bear with me, it's long):

    Fighting New Age/occultism in their many forms is akin to fighting germs (and we talked about it elsewhere already). Both have been with the human race since forever and will last just as long. Our "fighting" efforts should focus on minimizing the conditions that give rise to their epidemics, chiefly by providing education, including teaching proper hygiene (in case of germs). But we are not going to eradicate them. They are intractable parts of human existence and one could argue that they also serve useful functions -- otherwise they would not last so long.

    In a way, they represent an evolutionary struggle in which we all (i.e. various forms of life on this planet) are engaged. Germs do what they know best -- find suitable hosts to propagate and continue their existence as a
    species; New Agers do the very same thing in the realm of spiritual/religious thought -- contest the established order of things (beliefs) in the name of what they believe to be superior ideas (even though they appear misguided to most). One could make an argument that we are witnessing an evolutionary fight -- for survival and/or dominance -- of competing philosophies and ethical systems, and whether we want it or not, we all participate in this fight in different ways. But the fight itself, or the evolutionary struggle, if you will, is going to continue, regardless of our preferences. And perhaps it is actually useful to us in some ways. While one way to respond would be to go after "the invaders" with the all-mighty power -- antibiotics in case of germs, and fire and brimstone in case of New Age spiritual ideas, this all-out indiscriminate assault would only exacerbate the problem and strengthen the intruders. Granted, we have to use extreme means to wipe out the most dangerous of them -- using antibiotics for life-threatening bacterial infections is indeed the way to go; but we may have to -- and perhaps
    should -- learn to live with and accommodate the less invasive and dangerous strains of organisms and ideas, if only because they make us stronger (as in, more resilient and more intelligent, paradoxically) and make our evolution as the species, both in the realm of biology and ideas, possible.

    Besides, living in a free market society means that we should allow the same principles of open competition apply to ideas, as annoying (or threatening) as this tolerance may be.

    But, yes, oh yes, I too wish somebody started to take Oprah and Co. to task for spreading nonsense (ain't gonna happen, though, not any time soon -- too much money rides on promoting all things Oprah and not enough (if any) on going in the opposite direction).

  4. P.S. And thank you for the public service here, CMC. It's unthinkable that I've lived in the US for over 20 years and have never come across any mention of The One (or is it The Green One? or The Angel Michael? or Michael The Great? or...?) a.k.a. Dwight York. Wow, what a deranged character; what's more deranged, however, is the fact that he amassed such a large group of faithful followers. (And, as always, for these Great Ones it comes down to the one thing and one thing only -- and yes, I'm talking about sex. It's a story as old as the world itself.)

  5. "The influence they've had in our lives - especially mine - wasn't ever put up to a vote."


    I wonder if you are willing to see what it all boils down to?

    take it away jack:

    "you cant handle the truth!"

    "is that crazy enough for ya?"

  6. I love how politics goes to people's heads.

    Oh great and powerful heckler, Yeti, what "truth" are you alluding to, pray tell?

  7. Quite helpful piece of writing, thank you for this article.