Friday, February 27, 2009

All The Guises Of Evil

According to our spies, the big Chuck-Georgina reunion happens in the park when Chuck comes upon a group of oddly dressed people at a log cabin. The assembled young people are all wearing T-shirts that read "OMJC," and one asks Chuck, "Are you a wayward soul in search of direction?" Right about then a hippie-looking, creepy, smiley and altogether weird-seeming Georgina pops up and asks if Chuck's been saved as well.

OMFG. (Or should that be OMJC?!)

Has G been brainwashed by a cult?
-- Jennifer Godwin, giving us part of the new plot on Gossip Girl - and a very accurate description of how NewAgers look to those of us not into cultism - for E! Online.

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