Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tim: Homeless. Sean Penn: Brainless. Homeless Is Better.

Sharpie Marker . . . $1
Cardboard . . . . $3
Tim . . . . . $100
Using Internet Marketing to Fight Homelessness . . . Priceless.

Meet Tim. He's a real homeless man. He lives at Highway 6 and I-10 in Houston, Texas. The more visitors to this site, the more money he makes. Tim receives 100% of the money generated from this site. Click on About Tim to see videos of Tim, and visit the Live Cam to see when the next webcam show starts. Thanks for stopping by and please spread the word so we can help get Tim off the street. Contact us if you have alternative donation offers or a job offer for Tim.

Pimp This Bum

So where are the celebrity pledger assholes when you need them?

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