Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Discovering Your Life Is Full (Of Nothing)

"A necessary evil of moving house is that it forces one to spring clean, whatever the season. I was doing exactly that to the medicine cupboard last weekend when I found, among the bottles of expired cough medicine, travel sickness tablets and melted cough lozenges, a few half-empty vials of homeopathic sugar pills. I can't remember what they'd been prescribed for -- anxiety, maybe, or headaches -- but prescribed they were.

I got them many moons ago (2002, actually), during a time when I needed to believe homeopathy worked. And it certainly seemed to. But since then I've done a bit of poking about, and now I just feel ripped off."

-- Leonie Joubert, on that sinking feeling every rational person has to endure - once they realize they've been made a fool of for a whole lot of money - on The Mail and Guardian, South Africa.


  1. Oh, man does this ever hit home.

    Only I threw out over 1,000 "remedies".

    That's nearly ten thousand dollars worth of...


    And I thought Penta Water was a rip off!!!

  2. To be fair, it wasn't just water I spent all my money on, it was also sugar...


    Hey, isn't it ironic that many homeopaths talk of the evils of sugar and alcohol while that is the very thing they are peddling?'

    Just a thought from my newly minted brain.