Thursday, February 19, 2009

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

President Obama flew on Air Force One to Denver to sign the Porkulus bill. Now remember, the economy is bad and people are hurting.

So without knowing any rational reason for the trip when he could have signed it at his desk, here’s partially what that cost
the taxpayers:

In 2000, the operating cost per hour for a 747-400 was $6,750 per hour. That’s just the aircraft.

It does not include ground operations, ground transportation, helicopter transportation, flight crew, security, entourage costs
or costs at the destination.

From D.C. to Denver is about 2,982 miles, round trip. Cruise speed for this aircraft is 567 mph.

Aircraft hours for this round trip is about 5.25 hours, x 6,750/hour =


Just for the aircraft. On the low side.

So we ask: Why?

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