Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's All Made Up - Like A Bed - To Look "Good"

A brilliant, Crystal-worthy skit by Tina Fey and Steve Martin for the Best Original Screenplay gong, in which they riff about how every blank page starts with a dead tree, which, in turn, starts with a seed.

Martin: "And every tiny seed on earth was place here by the alien king Rondalay, to foster our titrates, and fuel our postive transfers."

Fey: "Ah, Steve, no-one wants to hear about our religion. That we made up."

A dig at Scientology in the Academy Awards? Brilliant.

Dustin Lance Black wins for Milk.
-- The Times Online

O.K., let's see if we can get all this "brilliance" in at once:

Steve Martin played Tina Fey's ruthless NewAge boss in "Baby Mama" (pictured above). They tell a joke about "the world's most dangerous cult" at The Academy Awards - which they did while announcing the "Best Screenplay" award for Milk - a screenplay that painted a politician as some kind of "gay saint" by studiously leaving out any mention of his long-and-ugly associations with Jim Jones and The People's Temple cult that killed 900 (mostly black) people from the San Francisco Bay Area - and, by the way, blacks are one of the groups gays are now mad at because they didn't vote for Prop. 8.

Yes, brilliance - another NewAge mind fuck of epic proportions - but, still, brilliant.

Considering all this, we sincerely don't know how NewAgers sleep at night, with so much blood on their hands.

Actually, we do, and it's not well.

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