Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wanted: Dead Or Alive - Paris Hilton Promoters

[Partying] is what I do for a living,” she told us. “I get paid to go to events and parties, and it’s fun.”

The heirhead also claims that she can keep up such late hours because she hardly ever drinks. “I only have Red Bulls when I’m out, so I never wake up with a hangover or anything.”

Hilton also mentioned she’d be having her third B-day celebration (she’s 28) in L.A. over the weekend — and that she’d have “10 birthday parties, if I could. So long as people are paying me*, I could keep going.”

For God’s sake, someone cut the funding!

Daily News

REWARD – Bring us the heads of the assholes that are paying this useless penis muncher and making her a “celebrity”.

And if you’re one of them, it will be to your advantage to turn yourself in. If we have go out and find you, we’re gonna be even more pissed.

*And people wonder why the country's going broke,...sure: it's all the fault of Washington, you idiots.

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