Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rock Lobster: Down! Down!! Down!!!

"After 30 days, the Gallup Poll shows Obama has about the same approval rating as did George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush, the man whose eight years in office the Illinois senator so often denounced as destructive during the recent campaign."

-- Andrew Malcolm, watching the smoke dissipate - as the cult's mirror cracks - after one fucking month, in The Los Angeles Times.

"Pelosi and Reid called Bush's budgets 'dangerous' and 'unpatriotic,' but with Obama, they've changed their tune."

-- Byron York, standing the Democrat's ruthless "say anything for a win" hypocrisy and lies up, front and center, in The DC Examiner.

"I don’t look back on those things and regret them, but I’m willing to rethink them. And there are many things which I’m going to rethink."

-- Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist - who helped Barack Obama's climb to power - admitting he's everything Sarah Palin said he was, on Don Surber.com.

"Here's what's going on dude: you're not actually allowed to take over buildings. Believe it or not.

(Also: 'We need to look at the situation, the hierarchy, the power relationship here.' Okay: you're surrounded by cops.)"

-- Hamilton Nolan, acknowledging a major tool of 60's protesters - and the delusions that go with them - have always been flat-out wrong, on Gawker.

"To be candid, the screwed-up, shared California mentality,...."

-- Victor Davis Hanson, on who and what's to blame - and, though he didn't say "NewAge cultism" (using "screwed-up" and "shared" instead) he might as well have - while writing for Pajamas Media.

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