Sunday, February 22, 2009

Turn On The Light (And The Roaches Scatter)

"Nearly 50-odd ayurvedic and homeopathy doctors have shut shop fearing raids by state health teams."

-- The Times Of India, reporting on the response of local "quacks" (their term) to an outbreak of the deadly Hepatitis-B virus* - which has resulted in mass vaccinations - just as would be expected by TMR.

*Funny how the "miracle cure" doesn't work - even amongst believers - when faced with a real crisis. This is why so many homeopaths, and other quacks, deal with individual cancer patients:

Dead men tell no tales.

Only when a mass outbreak of this kind happens does it become clear this is quackery - people are being deceived for a fee - when real medicine is called for. TMR's solution:

Throw all the doctors posing as homeopaths, and homeopaths posing as doctors, under the jail.

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