Friday, February 27, 2009

Real Americans Bust Another NewAge Bubble

"I don’t want to attack her, but the truth is very savage. We were infected enough with her behavior in the jungle. Now I just want to get immunized.

I can get over just about anything, but I don’t know about Ingrid. Forgive? Yes. Move on? Yes. Respect? No."

-- Keith Stansell, ex-Marine, former captive of Columbia's FARC - and one of the authors of the book, “Out of Captivity” - on Ingrid Betancourt (his celebrated fellow captive) who the Americans described as "a rotten piece of fruit," in The New York Times.

Another former captive, Luis Eladio Pérez, strengthens the NewAge outlines of the story, saying:

“Ingrid is a person who generates a great deal of envy. Not even the kidnapping had taken away that karma, above all because 90 percent of the news stories that were heard about the kidnapping were about her, as if the rest of us did not exist.”

Of course, it's that (nonexistent) "karma" at work - not her behavior with others - and who in our NewAge news media cares about a bunch of men in captivity? (No one's rushing to save Ashton Kutcher, after all,...)

Ingrid, BTW, is now living in France, the "selfish and haughty" capital of the world.

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