Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fuck You: NewAgers Will NEVER Admit They're Wrong About Anything Everything - EVER!!

"The Guantanamo Bay military prison meets the requirements of the Geneva Conventions.

According to a Pentagon review ordered by President Obama. So… great. I’m proud of our military. But am I proud of our President who first promised to close the place and then got the study showing the facts relevant to the question whether it should be closed?

Let’s see if he can say now, as he has before, I screwed up."
-- Ann Althouse, exposing another lie* of the Democratic Party's cultists, at the Althouse.

*This one is HUGE - and it ain't just the president's lie alone,...mark our words:

Our entire nation, and culture, is being warped by an unrelenting multitude of continuously evolving NewAge lies. They've already cost us prestige, money - and too many American lives to count. This is, still, TMR's view:

It's time to start shaving heads and marching these betraying assholes through the streets - just like the French who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII - as an example to all.

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