Monday, April 20, 2009

"Dr" Robert Wohlfahrt Is A Cancer On Humanity

"I see that there is a person who continues to comment not only against the association [in support of "Dr." Robert Wohlfahrt], but also against patients like me who are still without doctor so far,...If the person has a heart as they say, they should perhaps think about the number of people this has put in a very difficult situation by depriving them of a doctor by filing a complaint against Dr Wohlfahrt."

-- Bernard GOETZ - no relation to you-know-who - but a delusional fan of our favorite French quack, who thinks that by screaming "I have cancer!" enough times no one else will matter - including the people Wohlfahrt has killed or injured with with his "treatment" - on Pumpernickel.

"You say I must consider the numbers of people we have put in a very difficult situation, by depriving them of medical attention. I'd like to question Mr Goetz, did you think in what situations are the victims, and for what purpose they complain?"

-- Wissembourg xx_Morgane, getting to the meat of the matter - like the anomie "Dr." Robert Wohlfart's actions have inspired in us - which is never addressed in Pumpernickel.

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