Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Religion: A Great Excuse To Act A Fool

"In choosing to practice willful ignorance and open hatred, in choosing to engage in the public flogging of those who dare to offer even a word of criticism, and in choosing to do whatever it takes (no matter how ugly and un-Christlike) to discredit people like Charles Johnson in retaliation for that criticism... it becomes apparent that these self-described 'Christians' are nothing of the sort. They are hypocritical charlatans, 'whited sepulchres' who shame themselves and - even more tragically - shame their God."

-- Irish Rose, defending our boy*, Little Green Footballs' Charles Johnson, against the folks who've been "saved", making her one Wild Irish Rose.

We disagree with Charley from time-to-time (especially about music: Dude!) but - if you're asking if we're in or out of his Lizard Army - TMR is most definitely down with him.

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